I almost feel like I need to reintroduce myself. I haven’t posted a blog in months. For those of you that enjoy getting my blogs, I apologise for the silence. The last few months have been full of rewarding and challenging events. There have been some big decisions within our business and I have also had to do a lot of introspection. I have been asking myself things like what am I doing? Am I doing things with my time that make me happy or just pays my bills? What do I need to improve? What do I need to change? And within the business we have been evaluating how we do things to take it to that next level. At a personal finance level I have been working hard to build more income streams. It is so difficult to be dependent on only two or three at a time. In my case, the two that are not my main source of income are very unpredictable and not really yielding much. Right now I am spending every spare hour I possibly have outside of work on building something more stable, sometimes working until midnight, even on weekends. The long hours and stress are strangely satisfying though when you get excited about a project like this. If you follow me you will know more about it soon. And, if all goes according to plan, the product will generate more income for those who consume it than for me. Head over to my Facebook and Instagram pages – thisguykendal – to be notified when it goes live.

So what does this have to do with the topic of this blog? Nothing and everything. I just felt like telling you but it also ties into this blog. I have a long list of topics for the blogs I write and I add to the list often. Over the past few months I have been going back to the list and trying to find the time and inspiration to write a blog. But none of the topics were jumping out at me to turn into a piece worthy of posting. And then this one pops into my head randomly and I immediately stopped what I was doing to write it. It was just so applicable at this very point in my life.

A few days ago on Instagram I watched a video that Grant Cardone had posted about outsourcing things you need to do in your business. And as we know, as you start a business there are things you will do yourself (sometimes everything) and as the business grows you start hiring people and ‘outsourcing’ to them or you might literally outsource it to a business/person outside of your business. I believe he was referring to the latter. He said he found it disgusting that someone would outsource what they could do in their business. And then he takes a stab at Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4-Hour Workweek”. This hit a nerve for me, immediately. A few weeks back while listening to an audiobook, the author takes a stab at The 4-Hour Workweek too. So when GC did it and I heard it, I got quite upset.

Why get upset? It bothered me because all three of these authors have huge followings. And I am sure many of them overlap. So this would obviously cause confusion for young entrepreneurs or employees that are thinking of starting their own businesses. You have one author telling people to work their faces off, to stop at nothing and to keep making whatever they are building bigger and bigger and bigger. He provides the tools and books and programs to teach you how. Then we have the author who defines the categories (lanes) to wealth and provides a solid roadmap and advice on how to go from doing it slowly to doing it faster and faster, to build and sell then build and sell. However, he doesn’t encourage the part where you hire people into the business because he says human resources bring major challenges for any business. Finally, you have the author who teaches you to leverage different tools that can put you on the road to wealth by hacking ‘the system’. This could be very confusing for someone trying to find their way in the world as an entrepreneur if they were to read the three books back to back and try implement the lessons.

For the record – I enjoyed all three author’s books and I believe each one has a ton of value. I also believe that if you are trying to find a path to follow, you should read all three books for a good perspective on what you are trying to achieve –

  • Sell or Be Sold – Grant Cardone
  • The Millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco
  • The 4-Hour Workweek – Tim Ferriss

All three authors have other brilliant books too.

What upset me along with the confusion it can create when someone like GC just blurts out that a 4-Hour Workweek is rubbish, is that he admits not reading the book. If he had, he would find that the book has a different audience to the one he preaches to. GC lives and breathes 10X – making everything 10 times larger and squeezing every last drop out of the lemon, maximise to the maximum. He teaches, vlogs, and posts from his private jet and large stages. MJ DeMarco teaches you how to speed up your wealth journey and what to avoid if you want to do it as fast as possible. Tim Ferriss has a lifestyle approach to success and has found ways to hack a lot of aspects of your life. You can Google him or go to his podcast if you want to understand him better, but he is basically a human guinea pig. The point is that he teaches you how to hack the system – business, travel, health, thinking, you name it – so that you can do the things you want to. He doesn’t literally mean only work four hours a week and farm all the tasks out to anyone you can. You can work as many hours as you want and do as much as you want. But if you wanted to go fishing on Mondays, surf on a Tuesday and read on Fridays, then he teaches you where to find the resources that would free your time and budget to do those things and allow you to choose lifestyle over money. And if you can do it right, have both. It is an alternative to what GC and MJ teach. The two of them attack it as if it opposes what they teach when in fact it is an alternative. A different stroke for a different set of folks. Not a right or wrong way.

What I love about having this perspective – one where I believe all of them are right and none are wrong – is that I can apply any of the three as and when I choose throughout my life and career. In fact, I could have a 4-hour workweek for one business, which gives me the other 36 hours in the week to 10X my cash cow business. I don’t have to work my face off to build an empire and I don’t need to only outsource my whole business either to free my time entirely. I can do one or both or none.

That brings me to my final thought and one that I have spoken about before – there is actually not even a need to run any business at all. I don’t need to run a business for 4 hours a week or for 80 hours a week. Maybe someday I want to be an employee again in someone else’s business. (If you throw that statement into a crowd of entrepreneurs you will likely have something solid thrown back at you for the blasphemy of the statement). Entrepreneurs and CEO’s are glorified. There are employees out there who make a lot more money than many entrepreneurs and CEO’s. There are employees out there who make a lot less money but sleep a lot better and stress a lot less. There is a ton of value, more than anyone can tell you in being able to live happily with what you have. You do not have to have your own business and work long hours as some badge of honour. Most entrepreneurs and CEO’s wouldn’t be where they are without their rockstar employees. To those that choose to become and/or remain employees because that makes you happy, to you I say “Good on ya! Enjoy every moment of it!”

To the rest of you, I say go 10X it, do it as fast as you can or just let someone else do it while you chill on a beach or play tennis on a Monday afternoon while the others run around like headless chickens. If you really want to, do them all. Just make sure you enjoy it and you do it for the love of it…

PS… If you are thinking about starting a business, or have one and want to challenge what you think you know about it, then my book might be of interest to you – here is the link and it costs less than a t-shirt to invest in yourself by purchasing the digital copy: 

Digital Copy of “Listen Here!”


  1. I love this post. There is so much hype about being an entrepreneur today and many people making money off of other people by selling them a dream, making them believe there is some kind of stigma to being employed and that it’s not good enough. You actually highlight that there can be differences in how people choose to live their lives and maybe someone is happy and successful as an employee. The two most important people in my life run their own business and what these influencers do not speak enough about is how the road to entrepreneurship effects those around you as well. Selfish me would want these two people to rather be employed because as a child when my mom was employed it meant more time with her. When my husband was employed he was filled with peace. In my perspective employment provides freedom. Freedom in knowing that you will get your paycheck at the end of the month, freedom to spend holidays and weekends with your family because even if your are physically with your family, if you are running your own business chances are your mind is still on what you need to do next to succeed or grow. This being said I still want to be supportive of my family to achieve their dreams and goals and would never want them to divert from their personally set goals. There is a cost to decisions being made and maybe what people like Grant Cardone don’t realize is that not everyone is willing to pay the price of their marriage, missing milestones of their children and years of missing out on potential memories to achieve it. So it is great that those people are able to reach for a book like the 4 hour work week.


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